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About Us

India's first and only Organization created by Rural engineers and dedicated to promote Rural Engineers.   Our mission is to provide a fair chance for every talented engineer from Rural India to become successful in securing the dream job in a company of their choice so that they transform the economic condition of their family, intern contribute for the economic growth of our Nation. Our Model has been hailed and acknowledged by the Indian Corporate as path-breaking and highly beneficial to Indian IT Talent landscape. At the same time our Model is seen as fulfilling the gap for vast pool of resources for quick and effective deployment bringing value add for both the organization and the candidate.


At GOWDANAR quality is a tangible commodity valued throughout the organization, and frequently praised by our customers.   We are also a provider of enterprise solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, which enables business organizations to maximize business performance through innovative solutions. We also offer Web Development for businesses and other organizations. We take pride in our ability to provide these to our clients at very competitive prices. We are committed to providing value-added training to ‘bridge the gap’ between the industry requirements for skills and availability of rural engineers in the market. So our training process is multi-faceted with a mix of Classroom Training & Mentor Based Training. to ensure a indepth learning we conduct Periodic assessment and evaluation. Gowdanar Technologies is founded by professionals and technocrats, with the vision to provide the unwavering platform for rural engineers to obtain an experience on most advanced technologies and develop the best personality to become a successful software professional. so we are committed to provide support and mentorship for right and brightest rural engineers to make them realize their full potential. We offer a free training on Java, Android, Ruby On Rails and SAP ABAP, along with various soft skill training for eligible rural engineers, We encourage applications from rural engineering graduates This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our Products Gowdanar Technologies SMART is an enterprise solution for the small and mid size IT companies, which enables organizations to achieve world-class performance by aligning the right information and resources to strategic objectives. SMART offers solutions for every budget and every phase of the Organization process, helping HR, Finance, Projects and Training to formulate strategies for profitable growth, and actively monitor day-to-day operations. SMART’s architecture is built around the proprietary data kernel with open internet standards wrapped around it, It’s modules are loosely coupled and inter-independent, which means there is more flexibility in the application, if an organization decide to turn one or few of the module off, they could do so with the minimum modification in the system.   Gowdanar offers a wide range of products and services that provide enhanced value to client portfolios and processing capabilities, enabling them to grow their business and better serve their customers.


Gowdanar’s GRACE solution transforms the way funds owed to the bank by customers are recovered. The GRACE solution enhances the business current collection capabilities by providing 'best in class' collections solutions to all markets. The approach is customer centric and multi channel and effective common systems and processes is delivered across geographic areas, products, segments and processes to reduce delinquency and charge off in the most cost effective way.


Customers are given more options and increased control over their financial situations. They have the opportunity to choose how they interact with collections, including a self service approach and 24/7 access with real time automated decision capability. There will be remedies available to their unique situations and payment options are numerous. GRACE’s architecture is built around the Modular architecture. The modular design makes the modules loosely coupled and inter-independent, means there is more flexibility in the application. The modules can be easily integrated with other systems already functioning, thereby making deployments faster and economical.


Our mission is to provide children around the world with an absolutely free educational resource. A way to learn, while also having fun. We believe that the best resources should not be reserved for those who can afford them, but should be made available to everyone, everywhere, without cost. Through the involvement and support from well qualified individuals and non-profit organizations in India and abroad we have created a portal which helps you learn what you want, when you want and at your own pace. Spreading the word about the Padayi is one of the best ways to help us. Our ambition to reach out to every individual who is having internet access and studying between 6 to 10, that can only be possible with your help so please take a moment to share this site with your friends and community.


Through our educational programs and mentoring process the seminary challenges students to grow spiritually, intellectually and professionally and prepare them to be contributing members for their communities. We have class room video sessions that are based on the entire syllabus for each subject help students to gain ample knowledge. At their individual convenience and time they can watch the videos.